Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Blog Award!

I have to admit I was totally shocked to recieve this award from a fellow angel-Barb Foster. This is my first Blog award ever! I'm still amazed anyone reads my blog! LOL Thank you Barb- I love your work and visit your blog often! You can check out Barb's wonderful creations at her blog FosterDesignHouse

This is all new to me but I think this is how it goes... according to the post on her website the rules to this blog award are as follows: list 6 things you value, 6 things you don't, and 6 receivers.
So, here we go:
6 Things I value
1. My husband of 23 years and our wonderful marriange
2. My two beautiful children
3.My treasured friends- they know who they are
4. A foundation in faith and my religious beliefs
5.Kindness and integrity, trustworthiness and honor
6. A sense of humor. creativity and laughter
6 Things I don't value
1. Politics today
2. greed
6 borrowing from Barb- house work!
6 Amazing Blogs
This was fun! Have a great weekend everyone!

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