Thursday, August 25, 2011

TAC closes it's doors

I've got some sad news to share with you:

TAC is hanging up their Wings

Copied and pasted from

"It is with great sadness that I must announce we are hanging up our wings. These past several years our industry has faced enormous challenges and as a result, we have seen many companies close their doors. We continued to hope we could see The Angel Company through this recession and back into prosperous days and we held onto this hope as long as we could.

One of the largest challenges affecting each of us is our industry not being able to support all of the direct sales companies in our field. Even in a healthy economy, we are a niche market trying to compete for a very limited number of distributors. As a small company, this has been a grueling challenge for us. Times are tough for everyone ~ in direct sales and retail environments.

I would like to thank each of you for being a customer and Angel these past 14 years. Indeed, it has been a pleasure to serve you.

The Angel Company"

On a personal note- Thank you for your love and support over the years in sharing the wonderful products The Angel Company had to offer. I’ve been blessed to make lifelong friends and I have enjoyed every moment. At present I have no plans to move to a different stamp company. I will continue to teach at Scrappin Savvy ( in the Spring area). Hope to continue to share the world of paper crafting with you. My blog will also stay active( I realize "active" is used loosley here on my blog but that has been due to illness and three surgeries on my arm. I am on the mend now and ready to get back to posting...)but will be revamped to be not specifically TAC. Please continue to stop by!

Your former Angel,

Debra Hensley