Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun Flowers

Happy Monday everyone!
I wanted to share this quick and fun card which is a total case from this card posted at Kristina Werners blog. I loved the simplicity and fun of her card and decided to make one using scraps for my upcoming card class at the scrapbook store. None of the supplies for this card are from TAC accept the Cognac Palette Ink but it could easily be made from TAC scraps as well. Kristina has all the directions on her blog so check it out! She always has been a great inspiration to me and I love her cards! I did change one thing- she used a white gel pen to add the stitching for the stems and I actually stitched on the card with white thread. I liked the added texture. Hope you like it!


Melisa Waldorf Angel #4405 said...

Great idea! I love this card. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

Love the card and you're so brave to actually stitch. the colors are perfect together. I could totally see using TAC papers too.

kellyrae, angelhood 3

Lori said...

Love the flowers!! There are so many beautiful and fun papers out there.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I love the stitching!


Barb said...

This is absolutely lovely! So springy and feminine. I love the stitching!!